Jade what the fuck

In case no ones told you today you're bloody cute

♪( ´▽`) Thank you so much omg made my day!!

!!! you're my headcanon cronus and ah you're such a great cosplayer

Ahhhh squishes face thank you so much!! ;0;


someone wanted chubby gamzee~

so do you identify as male? because I'm male too and straight but I'd be proud to be called yours regardless

Oh I don’t really identify as one specific gender I’m more genderfluid erring on nonbinary and I’m actually dating the wonderful and gorgeous herooflife right now sorry buddy

My four day Comicon lineup this year was so great I had a ton of fun!

hope that red stuff washes out...

It does but my gt john shirt had gotten sun bleached anyway so I was going to make a new one

heyo you are cute

He yo thank u a ton!!

Why was he opposed to it??